About Wayne Salmans

Wayne Salmans is an Empowerment Coach & Life Strategist. Wayne Salmans has been called The Real Estate Mentalist, The Heart Coach, The Extreme Results Guy. Wayne's passion and purpose is to empower others to be all they can be. He offers solutions and strategies that make a significant impact on the quality of people's lives and businesses. Wayne equips high achievers to gain extreme clarity around their purpose, massively increase their predictable income, and become their own hero! Wayne helps the average man become a superhero to his kids, a rock star to his client, and a better lover to his partner. Wayne helps people answer these four questions. What do I really desire to achieve in this life? What is the exact road map to get me there? How do I get rid of negative thoughts that are holding me back? How do I massively increase my income and have a life from which I don’t need a vacation?

8 Steps to Successful Delegation

  Your people don’t suck, you do at leading them! Each day as leaders we give our team task to accomplish. Too many leaders suffocate their teams by micromanaging or [...]

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Are You A Role Model for Your Kids?

I can't believe my little guy is turning 4 today, which means he will start playing hockey! So today we are going shopping for hockey gear. Today was awesome! I [...]

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4 Reasons Why You Don’t Hit Your Goals

Reason #1 The goal you are after is not your goal... Watch my video below for the complete list

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