” I cannot thank you enough for what Ive learned and gleaned from you through your coaching. Its been incredible! Im so grateful. Truly this has been a game changer for me as a person and so incredibly needed at this phase of my life, cannot thank you enough.”
Katie Hajenius, Realtor
“ I started as a frustrated victim without clarity of my goals or vision. I became empowered with confidence, direction and a clear understanding of what I need to do next.”
Benjamin Hermann, Realtor
“You have inspired me, challenged me, and helped my family in more ways than you’ll probably ever know. I have developed more hope and belief in myself due to your coaching.”
Deborah Byrd , Loan Officer
” No one stretched me, pushed me, encouraged me as much as you. When you pushed (challenged me) to take four listings in a week (something I had never done in 31 years of business) I had doubts I could do it but when I took five that week you said that you believed all I along that I would do it. Thank you for the guidance, the encouragement and the wisdom.”
Lee Hatfield, Realtor
“You’ve have changed a lot of lives, my friend…Thanks for changing mine.”
Bart Basinski
“Wayne you are truly a special person that gives your all. Thank you so much for the impact you have on so many lives myself and my team included.”
Amy Asivido Christman
“Since starting coaching with Wayne not only has my business increased, I actually have more time to spend with my family. One of the most impressive things about Wayne is his authenticity and his passions. He cares more about you and your business than you do. Through Wayne’s coaching, I show up differently at work and at home. Wayne has been a blessing to our family and our business.”
Chad McKamie